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Testimonials & Praise

At the age of 34 I decided to finally get my act together and learn to drive. I had always for some unknown reason been afraid of driving. By chance, I came across East-Auto and I have to say that my experience with them was 100% superb. Dimitry worked at my pace, was flexible with times and pointed out my mistakes in a constructive and understanding manner. He made me realise that I could do it, and do it well. It took just 6 weeks from ‘never driven’ to new license and a whole new lease of life. I would TOTALLY recommend East-Auto and their approach to helping me learn to drive. Look no further you have found the best driving school in Sydney!!

E.M., Bondi Junction

My experience with east-auto was fantastic! Dimitry was a terrific instructor. He has a lot of patience and is very clear and concise. Previous to Dimitry I had another driving instructor and I was making no progress at all. I would certainly recommend Dimitry. Best value in the Eastern suburbs! Great instructor and genuine understanding patient man. Good luck with your driving lessons, once you go with East Auto you’ll never look back!!

C.S., Bondi Junction

I thought the experience of learning how to drive with East-Auto was very rich and rewarding. My instructor (Dimitry) was very caring and understanding and made the whole process very easy. He helped me step by step with a relaxed manner, and I enjoyed it very much because he was very patient with me and my driving got better progressively and I got complimented for my efforts. The style of teaching is very supportive and instructional. The ‘mock’ test was very good in that it enabled me to see where I was at with my driving and got feedback on how I was driving. Dimitry concentrated on getting me to drive in normal roads (as I usually drive on) as opposed to doing hard driving techniques like parking and etc.. This was very good because I gained more confidence in driving in normal situations.

F.V., Philip Bay

I found Dimitry gave clear instructions and was calm and patient. I am pleased to say I passed my P’s first time!!!

K.L., Paddington

With my mother too scary to learn with and my dad always busy, I had no choice but to learn to drive with an instructor. Choosing to do so with EastAuto was one of the best things I have ever done. Whilst I had a little driving experience beforehand, I was terrified of driving, so learning with the EastAuto instructor gave me the confidence to drive come rain or shine. Im sure there is no way I would have managed to gain my red or green Ps without the professional assistance I recieved. When I moved from the east to the northshore, I had the confidence to tackle the highways and harbour bridge/tunnel without any problems. My instructor was nice but professional and had sound knowledge of all the road rules which is very important. He really made me feel at ease behind the wheel. I highly recommend EastAuto to all my friends and family.

J.V., Bellevue Hill

It has been a fullfilling and worth-while experience, and I recommend it in complete regard and appreciation for East-Auto.

A.Y., Mascot

Learning to drive with east auto was definatly a really great experience, I learnt not only the basics of driving but all the tricks of the trade in any driving situations. East-Auto increased my confidence on the road and my overall driving skill by 100%. The instructor is very friendly! Always calm and you never feel under any pressure, like you do with other instructors.

D.V., Bondi

Driving with East-Auto has great influence on my driving skills. Driving with my parents have improved my driving, but parents aren’t instructors and therefore there was no way I could pass the test. Even when you think that you know everything there are things that need to be improved. East-Auto trained me for my P plates and I got them with my first go. I would strongly recommend East-Auto to anybody who seeks good training by experienced instructor. The training is very professional and every little mistake is well explained and corrected. There is no pressure and driving lessons are very smooth and full of great time.

A.S., Vaucluse

My overall experience with Dimitry was really good. He helped me boost my confidence by having a clear instructions, patient, complimenting and professional approach to the lessons. I would reccomend anyone to take lessons with East Auto as i recieved all the driving capabilities that i needed to know in order to pass and i did, in the first go!

L., Woolloomooloo

previous dimitri i was with a very well known driving school and i found that they were sooo boring and didnt try to get to know me. i changed driving schools and joined dimitris lessons and instantly i saw the difference in my driving skills.i was happy and actually enjoying my lesssons and was always looking foward to the next one.i even got my p’s on my first test. Dimitri is very proffessional, & a great teacher and person. thanks 4 everything.

N.S., Eastlakes

Hi i just got my liscense my name is Sylvia from maroubra. Before i went to east auto i was so nervous to learn to drive but dimi was great he was really patient with me and made me feel so comfortable driving with him. Every driving experience was a great one and i looked forward to each driving class because dimi always made it fun and made feel comfortable and was so patient and a great teacher i would recommend him to anyone learning to drive his prices are also great compared to other driving schools. I never thought i would be able to get my p’s but with dimis help he made me believe i had the ability to be able to pass my test he is a great instructor and i enjoyed my classes with him and he was a great teacher thanks a lot East Auto you gave me the confidece to be able to learn to drive cheers.

S.D., Maroubra
Professional & Patient

Professional & Patient

Each person is an individual and learns at his or her own pace. Just like everything else in life, some people pick things up a bit quicker than others, some need more time. East-Auto makes sure that you learn properly, going over skills as many times as necessary until YOU TOO feel that a particular skill is achieved.

Refresher course

Refresher course

Some people that have already held their driving license for a while but didn't get to drive for whatever reason or had a long break from driving - at time lose their "nerve" to get on the road (especially on their own). East-Auto will do everything possible that in the short time you get that confidence back.

International License Conversion

International License Conversion

Some people already hold overseas driving license and need to take a driving test before given a license to drive in Australia. Many go and do the driving test before getting advice - sure that they will pass but get disappointed when they fail with a lot of things they weren't aware they need to do to drive safe on our roads.